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Mail Updates in OS X Yosemite

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Mail Updates in OS X YosemiteWhile Apple is revered for some of their software applications, they are commonly criticized for others. In OS X Mavericks, the Mail app was a commonly criticized application. Users complained that it lacked power features present in other third-party email apps and that it did not handle certain email providers as well as others. Apple heeded the criticism of Mail in Mavericks and responded with a major update to the program in the upcoming Mac desktop operating system, OS X 10.10 Yosemite. From a new design to more powerful features, Mail has received a complete makeover.

A Quick Look at OS X Yosemite

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A Quick Look at OS X YosemiteExactly one month ago, Apple introduced a preview of the next version of the Mac operating system, OS X 10.10 Yosemite. When you first look at Yosemite, the biggest thing that stands out is the new design overhaul. This design is very similar to the change from iOS 6 to iOS 7 last year. While the desktop interface still looks familiar enough, it has been overhauled with the same flat design and translucency apparent in iOS 7. Take a look at the design changes in Yosemite as well as a preview of some of the new features included in the update.

10 Must-Know Hotkeys for Mac

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10 Must-Know Mac HotkeysI think we can all agree that when it comes to computers, efficiency and speed are paramount. Sometimes, the speed and efficiency of the user controlling the computer is just as important as the speed of the computer itself. In order to use their Macs most efficiently, so called “power users” employ a wide variety of hotkeys, which are combinations of keyboard keys that provide quick access to a particular computer function. Here are 10 crucial hotkeys that will have you computing like a power user in no time.

Backing Up with iTunes & Upgrading Your iCloud

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iOS Backup Options

Earlier last month, we showed you how to set up an iCloud backup for your iPhone or iPad. However, if you are backing up multiple devices to iCloud and have the standard free 5 gb of iCloud storage, chances are that your iCloud is full or close to it. If this is the case, you may want to consider upgrading the storage on your iCloud account or backing up your devices through iTunes on your computer. Continue reading to find out how.

How to Set Up an Airport Router

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Setting Up Your Airport Router

Setting up an Airport router is much simpler than most routers, but for those who have not done it before or have only set up other routers in the past, it is a very different process. It is, however, much more intuitive. By following this tutorial, you will be able to set up your Airport Express, Extreme, or Time Capsule with no problem.

WWDC 2014 - Predictions

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WWDC 2014Apple’s WWDC - World Wide Developers Conference - is about to kick off on June 2nd.  Every year, Apple has sold tickets online and the event has been selling out in less time each year.  This year Apple did something completely different; Registered developers signed up online and where chosen at random to purchase tickets.  Very similar to a lottery.

Spotlight: Your Personal Desktop Assistant

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 A lot of Mac users have known about Spotlight - the system-wide desktop search feature - since it was released with Mac OS X Tiger in 2004, but not many people know all the great things it can do besides search for programs and files. Check out some of the cool things that Spotlight on OS X can do, including math equations and dictionary integration.

Back up your Mac with Time Machine

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Time MachineTime Machine is a very simple tool in Mac OS X that can prevent the heartbreak of losing all of your important files. Time Machine is a great program that runs without you worrying about it.

After initial setup, all you need to do is make sure the hard drive is connected or that your Time Capsule is running. Time Machine will keep hourly backups for the last day, daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups for everything older than a month. You can backup for years depending on how many files you keep.