WWDC 2014 - Predictions

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WWDC 2014

Apple’s WWDC - World Wide Developers Conference - is about to kick off on June 2nd. Every year, Apple has sold tickets online and the event has been selling out in less time each year. This year Apple did something completely different; Registered developers signed up online and where chosen at random to purchase tickets. Very similar to a lottery.

In the years past, Apple has introduced mainly software at WWDC. This is because it is a software developers conference. Last year, Apple unveiled Mavericks; their new updated operating system for the Mac, iOS 7; the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch operating system with new features and a completely new redesigned user interface. Other updates included updated MacBook Airs, a look at the completely reinvented Mac Pro.

What is most likely going to be unveiled at WWDC 14:

OS X 10.10 - The update to OS X 10.10 is likely to include updates to the user interface that are similar to the flat design in iOS 7, but it will remain different from iOS. Other likely updates to OS X could include better energy usage and new features. Upgrading to the next generation OS X is very likely to be free as Mavericks is currently a free update.
iOS 8 - From the rumors on the internet, it looks like iOS will be focused on health. Health is something that Apple is very interested in, and it is likely we will see apps that are health and exercise related. iOS 8 would feature the same user interface design as iOS 7, with some small design tweaks and many new features.


Overdue for update:

MacBook Pro refresh - This update would be small, but may get some stage time at WWDC. Previous MacBook Pro refreshes have included upgraded RAM, storage, and next generation processors. A redesigned MacBook Pro is not likely at this time.

Mac Mini refresh - The Mac Mini is due for a refresh. The Mac Mini was last updated in October of 2012. If Apple decides to introduce new Mac Mini’s, it’s likely that the update will bump the base model up to quad-core processors. Flash storage may become an option instead of a standard hard drive or a solid state drive. A body redesign on the Mac Mini is not that likely, but also not a far off possibility.

Cinema Display - The Cinema Display is overdue for an update. The current generation does not feature USB 3, and is also thicker than the current generation iMacs. It would be nice to see a slimmed version of the cinema display to match the iMacs. I would love to see The Cinema Display available in a 21.5 inch model, along with the 27 inch.

Not likely to be unveiled:

  • Next generation iPhones
  • iWatch
  • Apple TV

I'm very excited to see what happens at WWDC. Please comment below and let us know what you think!