Just like your own health, regular checkups and proper preventative care help your Mac have a long and productive life. Because it’s not always clear if there is a problem, CityAlert from CityMac offers worry free remote system checkups that alert you if there is a problem and provide you with a solution for how to fix it.



Sometimes it's hard to tell if your computer is properly backing up to your external hard drive. With CityAlerts, we can make sure your back-up is functioning so you never have to worry. We will notify you with an email alert if back ups are not being completed at the scheduled intervals.

Hard Drive Health

Maintaining good drive health is integral to keeping your new computer functioning properly and minimize the risk of data loss. Our experts can monitor your drive for any irregularities and notify you the moment anything goes wrong.

Network Problems

Troubleshooting internet issues can be a pain, so let us help with CityAlerts. We'll help narrow down the cause of your internet problems by monitoring your hardware for any errors that could occur. CityAlert's has the utmost respect for your privacy and we do NOT collect any sort of customer information.

System performance

Keeping a computer running at its peak performance is easy with CityAlerts. We’ll alert you to issues such as failing laptop batteries, kernel panics, faulty RAM, among other things which usually go unnoticed. If there is any serious issues, we can alert you to come down to our store for maintenance on your machine.

Malware Detection

CityMac Alerts provides a base-layer of Malware Detection to keep your machine safe guarded against potential threats. We will notify you if your machine has become infected and assist you in the removal of the Malware.

Software Expirations

As we check the health of your computers, our agent will automatically gather expiration dates from Backblaze, CrashPlan, Kerio Connect, and more. Receive weekly or monthly email notifications of impending expirations, and sync to your calendar automatically.

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