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A Good Reason to Start Your Digital Movie Library Now

Posted Oct 20, 2017 by  / 

Although myriad services, like iTunes, Vudu, and Google, have offered easy digital movie purchases for years, most people still prefer to purchase physical DVDs or Blu-Ray discs for their movie collection. The world of digital movies is rife with unknowns about where to start building a digital library and how to watch your movies once you do buy them. Televisions are still the best way to watch movies, but they may not offer the specific app where your movies are. That changes with Movies Anywhere.

What is Apple TV?

Posted Nov 14, 2013 by  / 

Apple TV

If you have ever heard your friends and family talking about streaming movies, you were probably interested in doing the same thing.  There are many ways to stream content. TheApple TV is an easy way to access your favorite content. 

The Apple TVhas several options to access content, the two main ones are through iTunes and Netflix.  With iTunes, you are able to either purchase your TV shows and Movies or access it through your purchases or other computers on your home network.