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Apple Music & iTunes Match: What They Do and Their Differences

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Apple Music first launched on June 30th 2015 and has since become a top music service choice with 27 million subscribers as of this year. With the free 3 month subscription that Apple offers for for their Music app it's well worth the try, but with there being nearly 94 million iPhone users in America alone it appears not everyone has tried it. It could be because not everyone understands the perks of this service so here are a few important things to know about Apple Music. 

Backing Up with iTunes & Upgrading Your iCloud

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iOS Backup Options

Earlier last month, we showed you how to set up an iCloud backup for your iPhone or iPad. However, if you are backing up multiple devices to iCloud and have the standard free 5 gb of iCloud storage, chances are that your iCloud is full or close to it. If this is the case, you may want to consider upgrading the storage on your iCloud account or backing up your devices through iTunes on your computer. Continue reading to find out how.

What is iTunes Match?

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Sign up for iTunes Match

iTunes Match is a subscription service that scans a user’s entire iTunes music library and uploads it to the cloud. This means that any Apple device associated with your Apple ID will have access to your complete music library - no matter how large – and it will not take up any of your precious storage space. The phone pictured above would save a whopping 32gb of storage space by using iTunes Match. At only $25 a year, iTunes Match is a tremendous value for those individuals who own small storage devices with huge music libraries.

Should we use multiple Apple IDs for one family?

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Apple IDFor families there are distinct advantages to having multiple Apple IDs. It allows you to share the things you want to share such as Apps, songs purchased from the iTunes Store, Movies, etc, while not sharing the things that you don’t—like contacts, calendars, reminders and notes. This approach is really for those who live in the same household and want to share some things between their devices. 



FAQ: From the Sales Floor: iTunes Syncing and Updates

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itunes syncing

Frequently Asked Questions are blog posts dedicated to the questions that our sales and service departments get most often. One of the most common questions our salesmen get is dealing with iTunes. As Apple has introduced us with iCloud and syncing options this has become more and more of a complicated process, which is usually the case as we transition to the “new.”