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No matter how intuitive Apple products are, you can never expect to know everything. That's where we come in. From setting up your devices to managing settings and features, we've got you covered.

Apple Pay Cash, Peer to Peer Payments – Now Available in iOS 11.2

Posted Dec 9, 2017 by  / 
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Apple Pay CashPeer to peer (P2P) payments via smartphones have been a hit in recent years. Examples include Venmo and PayPal. These services allow friends and family to transfer and request money from each other without having to go through a bank – while at the same time offering the ability to transfer the money back to your bank at any given time. Apple is the latest company to jump on board with the release of Apple Pay Cash built right into the operating system in iOS 11.2.

A Good Reason to Start Your Digital Movie Library Now

Posted Oct 20, 2017 by  / 
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Although myriad services, like iTunes, Vudu, and Google, have offered easy digital movie purchases for years, most people still prefer to purchase physical DVDs or Blu-Ray discs for their movie collection. The world of digital movies is rife with unknowns about where to start building a digital library and how to watch your movies once you do buy them. Televisions are still the best way to watch movies, but they may not offer the specific app where your movies are. That changes with Movies Anywhere.

Here’s How to Enable Auto Upload HD for Photos and Videos on Facebook’s iOS App

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If you have ever been scrolling through Facebook, you might see some photos and videos in high definition, and some that are in standard definition. In this blog, we will be going over how to enable the ability to upload HD content on Facebook’s iOS app. These instructions were created using the Facebook app for iPhone; however, the steps are the same for Facebook’s iPad app.

CityLivin’ Tips: Better Battery Life for Your iPhone

Posted Jul 24, 2017 by  / 
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We use our phones for everythng from messaging, photos, and presentations, to finging lunch, playing music and streaming movies. The problem is that each of these tasks requires varying amounts of power. When a separate device played games or music, this wasn't a problem. Now that our iPhone does all of it, it's hard work to not live tethered to an outlet for at least some of your day. Moreover, there are lots of misconceptions about how to get the best battery life for your iPhone. To set the record straight, we have built a list of best practices for your iPhone battery life.

Speak to the Doctor Inside Your Mac

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Did you know that a Psychotherapist lives inside of your Mac? Deep down in the operating system inside Terminal, lives a doctor you can talk to. In this blog, we will be going over the instructions on how to access the ‘doctor’ and begin your first appointment with it.