The Apple world is full of rumors. We tackle a few of them here.

Apple Special Event March 2016 – What Could Happen?

Apple has announced that they will be holding an event on March 21, 2016 at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. Rumors have been circulating of new products that may be released during this Spring event. Let's take a look at the most likely and unlikely updates we'll see later this month.

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Rumors for Apple in 2016

Each year Apple announces new products during multiple product events throughout the year. It’s a guess to try to think about what Apple will announce next, and sometimes things are predictable to see coming, such as a new iPhone model each year. Here are a few product lines that could see an update in 2016.

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Apple Special Event - Sept. 2014 Rumors [Updated]

Apple’s next Special Event is rumored to happen on Tuesday, September 9th. While the invitation to the event won’t be officially sent out to the media until right before the event's scheduled date, from various sources it looks as though September 9th will be the special day. As to what Apple will release at this event, it looks like the main product will be the rumored next generation iPhone, the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is supposedly going to feature two new sizes of screen - a 4.7-inch and a 5.5-inch model. Along with larger screen sizes, it is safe to say that the new iPhone will be faster, thinner and have a better camera - along with keeping that eye-catching design that iPhones are known for.

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The More Obscure iPhone 6 Rumors

If there is one thing Apple loves, its secrecy. The Cupertino-based company is famous for keeping product releases hush-hush until a week or so before it is released to the public. That being said, entire communities have formed around the sole purpose of uncovering and revealing Apple's secrets about upcoming products. Recently, these communities have focused on the iPhone 6, which should be released sometime toward the end of September or early October. The purpose of this post is to review the prevailing rumors around the web as well as to explore some of the more obscure ones.

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Apple September 2013 Event - What could happen.

Since the iPhone 5 was released, people have been talking about the next-generation iPhone from Apple. Rumored to be the iPhone 5S, Apple's 7th generation iPhone has been speculated to feature a higher performance processor, an improved camera, a finger print scanner, and AC wifi, but keep the same design and size of the iPhone 5. Storage capacity for the iPhone 5S will likely stay the same, with the possibilty of a new 128GB option.

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