Command Tab - Ep 7 - Intel-ligence

This is Command Tab, CityMac's podcast all about Apple and what they might (possibly) be up to. 

This week George chimes in from Vancouver, Washington (down south, near Oregon) while Ben stays home in Seattle. There's new rumors flying about the iPhone 6 launch date, and iPads with Touch ID. We touch on Intel's future and past. George knows more then Ben about power-line network adapters. Ben's mind is blown by how many processes go into one second on a normal Macbook's Intel processer. 

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Intel's i5 vs i7

What is the difference between Intel's i5 and i7 processors? If computers were like people, processors would be the “brain” of your computer.  The time it takes for an application to load is affected by the speed of the processor itself. In the past, computer companies were racing to achieve the highest GHz (processing speed) ratings as possible. Intel introduced the Duo­-core and Quad­-core processors that allowed us to go faster and do more. However, sometimes it is difficult to understand why newer Quad­-core processors have slower GHz ratings than some Duo­-cores. Why has processing speed given way to more cores?

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The Power of Haswell Meets the MacBook Air

 Apple computers are known for their technology and staying on the cutting edge. Today, the new advancements in computers are extraordinary. In the past five years we have doubled the processing power and speed of our machines. Technology advances so quickly that many people feel that it is impossible to keep up. Today, I will cover the benefits of Intel's new Haswell Processor in the MacBook Air.

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