WWDC17 Recap: Apple Introduces iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, iMac Pro, New MacBooks, HomePod, and More



Today, June 5th, Apple kicked off WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) with a keynote announcing new products. Apple has announced updates to their four software platforms: tvOS, watchOS, macOS, and iOS; along with new updates to their iMac, iPad Pro, and MacBook lines, and a completely new home speaker named HomePod.

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What is The Retina Display?

Some of you may very well be reading these words on a Retina display. If so it is likely that you were able to plainly see the superiority of this display immediately without having to pore over its technical specifications. However, there are some people who place more importance on analysis when assessing quality. For those of you who fall into this category I will attempt to provide a straightforward explanation of the Retina Display.

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Intel's i5 vs i7

What is the difference between Intel's i5 and i7 processors? If computers were like people, processors would be the “brain” of your computer.  The time it takes for an application to load is affected by the speed of the processor itself. In the past, computer companies were racing to achieve the highest GHz (processing speed) ratings as possible. Intel introduced the Duo­-core and Quad­-core processors that allowed us to go faster and do more. However, sometimes it is difficult to understand why newer Quad­-core processors have slower GHz ratings than some Duo­-cores. Why has processing speed given way to more cores?

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