What is The Retina Display?

Retina Display

Apple is synonymous with Quality. As such, its products consistently set new standards with respect to design, hardware and software. This quality is clearly distinguishable upon even the most minimal inspection. Apple products exude excellence. The true mark of excellent products is their ability to “sell themselves.” You can plainly see this quality without delving into technical specifications. After all, specifications merely describe quality analytically. Quality can be described this way but it is also experienced by the user.

Some of you may very well be reading these words on a Retina display. If so it is likely that you were able to plainly see the superiority of this display immediately without having to pore over its technical specifications. However, there are some people who place more importance on analysis when assessing quality. For those of you who fall into this category I will attempt to provide a straightforward explanation of the Retina Display.

Simply put, Retina displays are those displays which preclude the human eye from being able to discern individual pixels from a typical viewing distance. The closer the pixels, or individual points of light, are on a display the harder it is for our eyes to make them out. This pixel density correlates with clarity or sharpness.

Steve Jobs explained that for an Apple display to be considered Retina quality it should be in the area of 300 pixels per square inch for a device typically viewed form 10-12 inches away. This can also be expressed as a ratio in the form of pixels per degree and the ideal value for this metric is 53 pixels per degree. All of Apple’s Retina displays meet or exceed this benchmark and as a result they are superlative. This quality is as plainly seen as the pixels aren’t. Come into one of our four locations and take a look for yourself.