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Apple's Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program for iPhone 5

Posted Jun 4, 2014 by  / 

iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button

Apple recently started a replacement program for defective sleep/wake buttons on the iPhone 5. This issue has only affected phones manufactured prior to March 2013. If you think your iPhone 5 has a broken sleep/wake button and was manufactured before March 2013, you can bring it in to your nearest CityMac location and get your phone fixed and returned to you within 6 days!

AppleCare+ What is it and Why should I get it?

Posted Oct 7, 2013 by  / 

AppleCare+ feesAs many die hard fans know, Apple stands behind each and every one of its products. It's one of the many principals that sets the company apart from other brands and a big reason people love Apple. Have an issue with your device? The standard warranty covers parts and labor for one full year with 90 days of complimentary tech support.

AppleCare+ is a one time payment of $99 and extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage, each subject to a service fee plus applicable tax.

Understanding AppleCare: You should buy it!

Posted Aug 27, 2013 by  / 

I know it may seem self serving to say something we are selling is also something that you should buy, however there are several reasons why this is in your best interest. Many times people underestimate the costs of service and time that it can take for a broken machine. Sometimes it is hard to even know what AppleCare does since it doesn’t cover accidental damage! This article will focus on why AppleCare is a needed part of your computer purchase.