Understanding AppleCare: You should buy it!

I know it may seem self serving to say something we are selling is also something that you should buy, however there are several reasons why this is in your best interest. Many times people underestimate the costs of service and time that it can take for a broken machine. Sometimes it is hard to even know what AppleCare does since it doesn’t cover accidental damage! This article will focus on why AppleCare is a needed part of your computer purchase.

What AppleCare is All About

AppleCare is a warranty extension program. What this means is failures due to normal operation. Some people question quite frequently why Apple would even need such a program when their computers last so long. This is a great argument, but no computer is completely impervious to failures, and even small repairs can add up quickly. This is especially the case with laptops which get carried around quite a bit. Regardless of how careful you are with computers they can fail in certain situations. Since Apple is a warranty program a broken hard drive is many times covered, unless their was accidental damage. The average cost to get something like that replaced can range from $250-$400 and even more depending on the place where it is being repaired. Also if they are not an authorized service provider, other problems may occur. Many times going to an uncertified vender is akin to going to your “tech friend” and hoping he can get it fixed! No matter how tech-savvy you may be, it is no replacement for the skill, training, and equipment at a certified repair facility. AppleCare assures that it is at a repair center that only replaces it with certified Apple equipment that is also covered until the end of your warranty at any worldwide Apple repair center!

Why Doesn't AppleCare Cover Accidental Damage?

This is a frequent question that arises. Why doesn’t AppleCare cover accidental damage? There are several reasons behind this. One is that renters and homeowners insurance already covers you for accidental damage (depending on your policy.) In those policies there is no issues with what is accidental damage and what isn’t and in many cases they replace the entire computer or reimburse you for the amount of the computer itself. So it would be a bit redundant to get a second insurance on your computer. However, if this is a concern, there are many individual places to get insurance on your computer as well.

There is something important about insurance though. It usually does not covered non-accidental problems with a computer. They would refer you to your warranty coverage since it wasn’t a fault of you or an outside force. They may even consider it “normal” for computers to fail after a year or two because they go by averages of all computers, not just Apples.

What Else Can AppleCare Do For Me?

There are several great things that it does for you. One is that if you are like me, and like to get the newest stuff, AppleCare is a great way to get some more money on your trade in! If there is a few months left you could get up to $100 extra on your trade in alone. Which is great considering that that is about 30% of the original cost alone. The other thing that is great is it gives you telephone support. Unfortunately, stores themselves do not usually do any telephone support. This is for several reasons, but mainly because we can not provide the same level of care on the phone. The extension to three years of telephone support is completely worth it!

All in all what you get from AppleCare is a pretty darn good deal. You could spend up to $349 but you could get $100 back when trading in. You can also save thousands off of potential problems with your computer if the worst happens. Of course the biggest question is if I myself buy it as a certified tech. I absolutely have and will continue buying it. The reason is simple: parts cost a lot. Apple computers are made with the most technologically advanced parts available and are mostly integrated into only several pieces. Even if one part fails, it is may cost you quite a bit because it is attached to one of the main boards. I for one will continue to get AppleCare because I definitely see the return on my expense!