The More Obscure iPhone 6 Rumors

If there is one thing Apple loves, its secrecy. The Cupertino-based company is famous for keeping product releases hush-hush until a week or so before it is released to the public. That being said, entire communities have formed around the sole purpose of uncovering and revealing Apple's secrets about upcoming products. Recently, these communities have focused on the iPhone 6, which should be released sometime toward the end of September or early October. The purpose of this post is to review the prevailing rumors around the web as well as to explore some of the more obscure ones.

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Command Tab - Ep 7 - Intel-ligence

This is Command Tab, CityMac's podcast all about Apple and what they might (possibly) be up to. 

This week George chimes in from Vancouver, Washington (down south, near Oregon) while Ben stays home in Seattle. There's new rumors flying about the iPhone 6 launch date, and iPads with Touch ID. We touch on Intel's future and past. George knows more then Ben about power-line network adapters. Ben's mind is blown by how many processes go into one second on a normal Macbook's Intel processer. 

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5 Things You Might Not Know About Your iPhone

The iPhone is known for many features: the iSight camera, Siri, user-friendly operating system - the list goes on and on. That being said, some of the iPhone’s features and capabilities go over-looked and are not as well-known. While there are many more cool iPhone features not included on this list, here are five that you may not know about.

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How to Set Up Your SONOS Network

Once you have plugged in your first SONOS device (or Bridge) into your router and have set up the system throughout your house, you now have to set up the SONOS network in the application for iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. Using a desktop application is the easiest way to set up the SONOS network. For this tutorial, I will use a Mac.

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Command Tab - Ep 6 - Breaking Out Of Jail, For Geniuses

This is Command Tab, CityMac's new podcast all about Apple and what they might (possibly) be up to. 

It's Episode 6! We're happy to be joined this week by Austin Carney, our coworker here at the Kirkland location of CityMac. (Not to be confused with Austin Doran from Issaquah!) We invited him on because of his extensive experience with jailbreaking iPhones - a technique for implementing tweaks and tricks into iOS that Apple doesn't include out of the box.

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