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App Review: Topo Maps+

Posted Nov 2, 2016 by  / 


Explore the beauty of nature with Topo Maps+, an outstanding app to take along on your backpacking trip. Topo Maps+ allows users to download apps for offline use, view your location using GPS, and most importantly, explore the outdoors with the help of this app. In this blog, we will be going over key features that Topo Maps+ offers.

How to Use Find My iPhone

Posted Jan 20, 2015 by  / 

How to Use Find My iPhoneWe have come to rely on our smartphones and devices for many important aspects of our lives. We store our memories on them in the form of pictures and videos. They contain our music libraries, banking apps, social network profiles, and oh yeah - our phone. That being said, losing your smartphone or device can leave you feeling naked and vulnerable. Luckily for Apple users, the Find My iPhone app is the first line of defense in recovering your lost device.