App of the Week: Where's my Mickey?

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Mickey at Lemonade stand

Disney’s Where’s my Mickey? has been named Apple’s App of the Week, and is being offered for free on the App Store. Where’s my Mickey? is a physics based game centered around getting a reservoir of water to the waiting Mickey Mouse. The story has Mickey behind a lemonade stand on the beach during an extremely hot day. He has all the ingredients to quench the crowd’s growing thirst except for the most important: water.

Disney's Where's my Mickey? gameplay

Like the very popular Disney app, Where’s my Water?, channels are dug to lead water into pipes, past gates, and through clouds in order to deliver the much needed H2O to the waiting hero. Make sure to douse all three stars to earn maximum credit, and be on the look out for hidden items to score a bonus. Great for all ages, Disney’s Where’s my Mickey? adds familiar faces to an already successful game dynamic. 

App of the Week: Disney's Where's my Mickey?

Where’s my Mickey? is available for free download in the iOS App Store. [Download Now]

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