Rumors for Apple in 2016

Each year Apple announces new products during multiple product events throughout the year. It’s a guess to try to think about what Apple will announce next, and sometimes things are predictable to see coming, such as a new iPhone model each year. Here are a few product lines that could see an update in 2016.


Every year Apple announces a new iPhone, last year in 2015 it was the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. New phones with better cameras, faster Touch ID, 3D touch, and many more features. This year we could see the iPhone 7 models. In previous years past, the body style of the iPhone changes every two years. For example, the iPhone 4 and 4s had the same general look, along with iPhone 5 and 5s, and iPhone 6 and 6s. If Apple keeps to this pattern, we should see a new look of the iPhone later this year.

Along with possible iPhone 7 models, there have been rumors floating around that Apple may announce a new 4-inch iPhone to replace the iPhone 5s. The name 'iPhone 5se' has been circulating around, with ideas that it would have a similar look to the iPhone 6 and 6s, allowing customers to still have the 4-inch screen, but with new updated internal parts instead of the parts the iPhone 5s currently offers. Rumors have also included that a 4-inch iPhone may be released in Spring.


Apple Watch

Apple Watch was originally announced in 2014, at the same event Apple announced the iPhone 6. The Apple Watch went for preorder in April, after a product event in March which talked about the Apple Watch. This year, we could possibly see an update to the Apple Watch models.


Usually each year Apple announces new Macs with processor upgrades. This year we will probably see the same, and probably nothing too new like how we saw a new Mac model last year, the MacBook. The Mac Pro has not seen an update in 2013 when the new design of the computer was launched. It is very possible we could see a new Mac Pro model with faster internal parts this year, since it has been over two years since a change to the Mac Pro.


Thunderbolt Display

The Thunderbolt Display, Apple’s only stand alone display they make has not seen an upgrade since 2011. That’s right, 2011. It’s been a while since it has been upgraded. Although, it is a phenomenal display and really has not needed an update at all. For the users of Apple’s 27-inch 5k iMac, and those who want a secondary display that looks nice along their iMac, it would be nice for the Thunderbolt display to have a 5k option. The option for a 21.5-inch display to go along with the 21.5-inch iMac would also be nice to see in the future.


Similar to how Apple launches a new iPhone each year, Apple has announced a new iPad model each year since it’s launch in 2010. In 2015, Apple announced the iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro, but did not update the iPad Air line, leaving the iPad Air 2 not updated since 2014. It is quite possible from looking at years past that Apple will update the iPad line again this year, with the chance of a new iPad Air 3 coming in the Spring.


In all, 2016 will be an exciting year to see what Apple will announce. What is your favorite part? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!