How to hold yourself accountable with Apple's Screen Time

When it comes to keeping your focus and mental health in check, being on your phone for too long can complicate things. When it comes to keeping yourself accountable on your iPhone, Apple has an excellent and easy-to-use screen time feature. This app can help you learn what app you're using too much and for how long each day.

There are many great ways to track and create better iPhone habits. With Apple's feature, Screen Time, you can learn to manage better your app use, schedule time away from your device, and more. There are also ways to change or turn off these settings anytime.

How to turn on Screen Time on your Apple Device:

  1. First, go to Settings and then Screen Time
  2. Then tap turn on Screen time
  3. Push Continue
  4. Then select "This device" or "This is my child's device."

Once you have turned on Screen Time, you can see how much you use your device or apps and specific websites. If setting limits on one of your children's devices, you can limit usage and create settings for their Screen Time. You can also use Family Sharing to see all the information about your child's usage and adjust the settings from your iPhone. 

Within Screen Time, a complimentary service called Downtime blocks apps and notifications during that scheduled time. 

How to schedule time away from the screen:

  1. Go to your settings, then to screen time
  2. Push Downtime, then turn it on.
  3. You then can select when and what time you schedule Downtime.

This Screen Time feature on Apple devices also allows you to set limits for specific apps. This can be good for those apps on which you may spend more time and wish to modify your iPhone habits. 

To turn Screen Time on, go to your device's Settings, Screen Time, tap your App Limit, and then push Add Limit. You can then click on one or more app categories. With this, you can set limits for specific apps or types of apps. Click Next and set the time, and set your schedule there. Once done, be sure to click Add. 

If there's ever a time you want to turn off these app limits, you can simply click App Limits on the screen, and you have the freedom to click Delete Limit anytime.

With these outstanding features on your Apple device, you can take control and accountability to keep healthy limits on your iPhone usage. And not just yours but your children's too. Better understanding your way around your iPhone can help you take significant steps. Apple makes it easy and is here to help you. We at CityMac are happy to walk you through these steps to help you with all your Apple needs. 

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