iPhone battery and tracking usage

iPhone battery and tracking usage

How have you ever felt your Battery draining more or less than other days? Do you ever feel like certain apps on your iPhone make your iPhone battery drain faster? To ensure that you are getting your Apple iPhones' optimal battery usage, there are a few things you should be looking at because within your iPhone's settings; you can track battery usage per each app you have installed on your device. This method is very similar to tracking your cellular data usage

Let us go over some ways you can monitor your iPhone usage. Go into your iPhone settings; once you are in your iPhone's settings, you go into Battery. Once in this area of your iPhone's settings, you can look at your last charge, what percent of apps are using the most Battery, and other things. When you tap one of the columns on your screen, you can see which apps contributed to your battery usage during that period and the proportion of Battery used for the app. You can also click on Battery Heath, which shows you your iPhone's maximum charge capacity and if you want to optimize battery charging. Within this setting, you can access many resources to help better understand your iPhones Battery. 

When it comes to getting the most out of your iPhones Battery, it means adjusting some of your settings can provide you with that. While viewing your battery usage, you might get a suggestion such as Enable Auto-Brightness or Adjust Display Brightness. The software determined that changing these settings could improve your battery life. Or switching from Cellular data to wifi sense uses less data. 

Another critical factor to getting the most out of your iPhone's Battery is turning on Low power mode. This can help you extend the battery life on your iPhone. This reduces power consumption until you turn it off or charge your iPhone to 80%. When Low Power Mode is on, specific settings and features like app updates, downloads of new TV shows or podcast episodes, mail fetch, and some visual effects such as True Tone are reduced or disabled. This setting can help you achieve the most out of your iPhone battery life. 

Some other helpful tips to preserve your iPhone's battery life are turning down the brightness, turning Auto-lock to 30 seconds, limiting notifications, limiting your downloading, and turning off your location. 

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