Find My iPhone - 3 Reasons to keep Find My iPhone On

Find My iPhone - 3 Reasons to keep Find My iPhone On 

The Find My iPhone app creates an easy way to keep track of your Apple devices. Find My app can locate things you're connected to an AirTag and be able to keep up with friends and family. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If your misplaced devices are offline, you can still locate them! 



With Apple's Find My app, you can access countless features like locating lost, turned off, or even dead devices. Find My app is organized with easy access to these features. With this app, all your devices are displayed on a map in which you can zoom in and out to understand the device's location better. After tapping onto a single device, it will provide you with options such as Playing a sound to find the nearby device, getting a notification once the device is found, and can see the directions to its location in Apple Maps. You also can mark the device "As lost," which then locks the device, allows contact information to be on the lock screen, and disables apple pay; then, as a last resort, you have the option to delete all of your data. 


Locating family and friends is also made a lot easier with Find My. It allows you to identify and find your friends and family members that have shared their location with you. It is as easy as pushing the "People" tab on your Find My app. 


If you ever need to find a lost or stolen device, Find My can help you get it back. You have access to the device's location on a map; you can also play a sound to help find it, and more. Find My also has Activation Lock, an element created to stop anyone from operating your iPhone. 

How to Play a Sound on the Lost device

If you see on the map that it indicates that the device is nearby, you have the option of the devices playing a loud sound just by clicking the Play Sound button in the device's Options window.

How to Turn on Lost Mode

If your device is genuinely lost, you can are then able to start the "Lost Mode" procedure by clicking the button in the device's Options window.


After this, it will allow you to create a passcode if your device does not have one already. If you already have a passcode, "Lost Mode" will start it even if it's not set yet. This means if you have the passcode set to turn on after 1 hour of inactivity, and you put your phone as Lost after 30 minutes, the device will lock itself.


You are then able to add a contact phone number. This should be a number in which you can be contacted. It will be displayed on your phone's screen. There will be a button to press on the main screen that will automatically call the number that you set.

How to Turn off Lost Mode

Once you have located your device, you need to disable "Lost Mode" either by entering the passcode on the phone or clicking "Stop Lost Mode" on the Find My iPhone website.

How to Erase your iPhone

If you genuinely think your phone is stolen or lost forever, you can remotely erase all of the data on your iPhone by clicking the Erase iPhone button in the Device Options menu.

  • Erasing your data is permanent, so only use this as your last option.
  • Using this option will disable the GPS tracking of your phone.


If you turn off Find My iPhone for some reason, you will lose these abilities, which means finding your iPhone will be much more complicated.  

If you want to sell or give away, trade in, or send it in for service, you must turn off Find My iPhone. 


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