Apple Airtags- What you need to know in 2022

Have you had a chance to check out Apple's new handy accessory? The Apple Airtag is a tiny, round-shaped tracker that can help you find missing or stolen items with the Find My app on your iPhone. Apple AirTags use ultra-wideband technology and benefit from Apple's current network of devices, which work as crowdsourced signals that can ping each other, which can help you find your missing item's location. It costs $29 per Airtag, or you can get a pack of four for only $99. Accessories, such as keychains, luggage tags, and loops, which hold the device, are sold separately but can be helpful to attach your Airtag to anything you tend to lose, such as your wallet keys or you can even attach it to your pet's collar.


All iPhones are running on an iOS of 14.5 or higher on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Etc. This software update is available on all iPhones 6s and up. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to update your software. But with the newest iPhones 11 and up, you have access to Precision Finding. According to Apple, this can use the camera, ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope for a more "directionally aware finding experience."

Setting up your Airtag is easy and efficient. You need to take the Airtag out of the box and pull the tab to activate the Airtag. After this, hold it near your available mobile device and your iPhone to detect the tracker and pop up with a prompt to set it up. This setup is similar to Apple Airpods or a HomePod device. After this process, you can create a name for the Airtag. Now your iPhone can track the Airtag wherever it is. Using a secure Bluetooth signal that nearby devices can find in the Find My network


When it comes down to tracking your Airtag, you might be wondering, how do I find my Apple Airtag location? Everyone iPhone has the Find my app, and this app has a map you can use to find and play a sound on the Airtag to help you find the item if you're nearby. If you have an iPhone 11 or higher, you can also tap "Find" and turn on the precision finding, which can tell you how far away you are from the object and a guide for onscreen directions. If you cannot locate the tracker, there is also an option on the Find My app to place your item In "Lost Mode" and then create a custom message to be displayed when another user finds your Airtag. This can work on any NFC device, which means even Android owners can help return lost AirTags.


If you need to remove an Apple Airtag from your device, you can open the Find My app, tap the items tab, select the Airtag from the list, and remove the Airtag. If your Airtag is ever lost or stolen, the person who finds it cannot simply link it to their device. Since your Airtag is registered to your Apple ID during setup, only you can remove it.


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