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Practice Makes Perfect!

Practice Makes Perfect!

Ever wonder what a private lesson with an Apple Genius is like? Our own Chris Speckhard, ( CityMac Customer Success Specialist) takes you through her day and shares a little of what makes her one of our most popular teachers!

Whether the appointment is about sorting pictures or music, or understanding how to save documents and find them again later, one of the most common things I hear from my students at the beginning of a class is “I’m just not good with technology.”

Especially for people who did not have the luxury of growing up with a cellphone in their hand, the current age of constant communication and buzzwords can seem overwhelming to enter. But, you can do it!

Just as in every other area of life, you have to commit yourself to practice and give yourself the patience you need to be successful. I often use the example of learning how to use a typewriter or drive a car. No matter how smart and capable, I won’t know right off the bat how to change the ink or the oil in my engine. I would have to look it up or ask someone to help me. Though our tools have evolved to tiny, super-fast computers in our pockets, pencils that don’t work on paper, and a shared, inter-connected internet with endless knowledge, the basics of learning and practice still apply just as much today. And trust me, it's worth learning!

The tools we all have access to now, more than ever before can be transformative, and not to mention fun! Some of my favorite things to hear during a lesson are “oh, wow! I didn’t know that was there!” , “This is actually really useful!”, and “That’s what that is!” When you realize that this little bundle of frustration can actually keep you organize, remind you to pick up milk when you drive by the store, or let you send and receive family pictures in an instant, you might think twice about going back to a flip phone.

After dedicating a little time to understanding your tools they can become helpful to you in ways you never imagined. Push those “I can’t do this” thoughts to the side and remember that you’re in charge of the cellphone and not the other way around!

Come discover a little more about how your devices can work for you by signing up for a workshop on a specific topic or one-on-one lesson to finally tackle all those little irritations or questions head on!

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