5 Ways You Are Paying Too Much on Verizon

5 Ways You Are Paying Too Much

Cell phone plans can seem like a complicated web of mumbo jumbo, full of charges, line items and vague features that require an interpreter. No matter the carrier, there is always confusion around what you are paying, why you are paying it, and the services you are receiving. If you have not reviewed your bill in the past year then it's time to see a Verizon Specialists at CityMac. Whether you want to learn how to reduce your monthly bill, activate parental data controls, or just have general questions about your bill we are here to help.

At CityMac, our goal is to help demystify your bill and make sure that you are confident that the plan you're on is the right plan for you! Come in today to speak with our Verizon Specialists and receive a fast & free Verizon Bill Analysis from CityMac!

Fast & Free Bill Analysis at CityMac

Come into CityMac for a hassle free, no strings attached Bill Analysis! One of our Verizon Specialists will review your bill one-on-one with you to make sure that you are not paying too much every month.

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(Limit 1 gift card per Verizon account. Must be authorized to access account and have all required information).

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1. Plan

The best fit for you, not them.

By having a plan that does not fit your use, you may be paying too much for your mobile phone service you need. Our Verizon Specialists will analyze your current plan and compare it to how you currently use your phone, how you want to use your phone, and the latest plans from Verizon to find the perfect match for your needs.

We often see that customers are paying for an expensive, outdated plan or a plan that is a poor fit for their use. During your Bill Analysis at CityMac, we match your needs to the correct plan, often saving you money every month!

After the Bill Analysis many customers find that they are able to save $10, $20 or $30 every month, and if not, they have the assurance of knowing that they are making Verizon work best for them.

2. Talk & Text

Put the past in the past.

Paying for a fixed number of minutes or text messages every month is a thing of the past. Newer plans have unlimited talk and text included. Forget worring about you (or someone on your account) going over their minutes or sending too many messages again. No more waiting until evenings or weekends to make important calls. With unlimited talk and text plans, your phone is available when you need to use it. If you find that you are hitting your limit, or going over every month, a Verizon Specialist here at CityMac will help you get onto a plan that best fits your needs.

3. Line Access Fees

You’re charging me for what?

A sometimes mysterious charge, that may be one of the most important and least understood aspects of your monthly Verizon bill, is your Line Access. Basically it is your phone's monthly fee for being on a plan. It is separate from your plan, but is influenced by which plan you are have. Recently, we had a customer come in for an upgrade. They were paying $89 for line access on top of their regular plan charges! After speaking with one of our Specialists and doing a CityMac Bill Analysis, we were able to reduce their Line Access Fee to $20—a savings of $69 every month!

While we may not be always able to save someone this much at CityMac, our Verizon Specialists are trained to look for these types of overlooked problems and help find the plan best suited to your needs.

4. Data Usage

Pay for what you need.

How do you use your data: streaming Apple Music, watching Youtube, getting directions with GPS or Maps, playing Pokemon GO? As part of the Bill Analysis we will look at your data use trends and dive deeper into how you want to use your data. Our goal is to make sure that you have the plan that fits your needs, wants, and wallet! By matching how much data you use to the correct plan, we are able to help save on your monthly bill and save you from costly overage charges.

5. Features

Convenience or hidden fees?

Insurance - Travel Pass - Safety Mode - Verizon Cloud - Parental Controls

Have you ever had questions about the features above? Or maybe some other specific feature charges on your bill? The CityMac Bill Analysis will cover these features and how you can use them to get the most out of your bill.

We have found that some of our customers are paying for features they never use or even features they totally forgot about. In these cases, we can remove some features and/or activate other beneficial features that would better suit their needs.

Bonus Tip:

Upgrade Eligibility!

Use your upgrade! Don’t get stuck using an old or outdated phone. You may have a upgrade available! Upgrading your iPhone at CityMac is a easy process, one that can make a huge difference in how you use your phone to connect with friends and family.

Stop By Your Local CityMac for Your Free Bill Analysis

These are just a few of the many ways that the Verizon Specialists at CityMac will evaluate your account and make sure you know what you are paying for and receiving every month.

Come into CityMac today for a Fast & Free Verizon bill analysis, and find out how to make Verizon work best for you. Afterall, you are the one paying for it every month, you might as well make sure you are getting the most out of it! #makeverizonworkforyou

*Must have proper authorization to access account and all required account information (including billing passcode) for Bill Analysis. Physical copy of bill not required. CityMac is an Authorized Verizon Retailer and cannot accept bill payments or make adjustments to current or past bill(s). CityMac is not responsible for carrier fees or charges.