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There are hundreds of GPS/Navigation apps for iPhone: Google Maps, Tom Tom, MotionX, MapQuest, and even the built­in Apple Maps app to name a few. But all of these apps do the same thing for the most part: They tell you how to get there, how long it usually takes, and occasionally provide traffic information.

Waze provides much more in­depth, real­time information on traffic, weather, and hazards that might affect your drive. It’ll alert you when there’s a traffic jam, road closure, or speed trap ahead and updates your ETA/change your route accordingly, which you can send directly to friends and family.

Waze gets me to my destination faster than any app I’ve tried.

Waze is more or less the Wikipedia of navigation apps. Rather than relying on algorithms and changes reported by city officials, business owners and authority figures, maps update in real time based on whatever users report. Waze gets me to my destination faster than any app I’ve tried.


If I’m driving and I notice something that’s not already on the map, I can simply tap the icon the lower righthand corner to report it. Some common things I’ve reported are police, hazardous driving conditions (fog, heavy snow, etc.) and heavy traffic. I can also report road closures, gas prices, or places that are not currently on the map.

Each report I make earns me points,which allow me to move up in the “ranks” of Waze and unlock cool characters that other drivers can see.


As I drive, Waze will let me know when hazards are ahead, and will even change my route to find the quickest possible way. I don’t even have to be in the app, Waze’s voice navigation will alert me when something unexpected is coming your way.

Getting directions is easy: Simply search for a place or address and tap Go. Waze automatically pulls my work and home address from my contact card. On the iPhone 6s I can even 3D­Touch the app icon to get directions to Home or Work quickly.


You can use waze with friends too! Tap the Send ETAbutton to send a real­time ETA to your friends. You can even track exactly how far away your friends are when heading to the same location if they use Waze too.


Waze is a great replacement for the built­in Maps app, providing real­time conditions and updates as you drive.

Download it for free on the app store today! 

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