How to Take Better Selfies with iPhone

The selfie has become an artistic expression in and of its own. Although they are not typically viewed as being great-quality photos, there is no reason why your selfies shouldn't shine like the rest of your photos. Here are some tips to ensure that your selfies are postable, sharable and damn good-looking.

Use a Timer

Timer iconTimers make it easier to focus on what’s in your selfie rather than pressing that tiny shutter button. Tap the timer icon to choose between a 3-second and 10-second delay. Set up your phone, press the shutter and your iPhone will snap a burst of 10 photos (just in case you blink) after the delay you’ve selected.

Be sure to change the timer to Off once you’re finished, that way there’s no delay when you open your camera to take a regular ol’ selfie later.

It’s All About the Angle

It's all about the angle

If you’re taking a selfie, don’t be shy. Many will try and sneak the selfie by just barely tilting the phone upwards, quickly snapping the picture and then pretending to text as to not draw attention. Own your selfie and do it the right way. Fully extend your arm straight out in front of you, just barely above your head, to get a flattering angle and capture more of your surroundings.

Frame It Properly

frame it properly

Just because it’s a selfie doesn’t mean all the rules of photography go out the window. Pick an interesting background to make the selfie more appealing. Use the rule of thirds to frame your beautiful face properly. Tap the screen to adjust the focus and exposure.

Try a Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks

It may seem a bit ridiculous, but a selfie stick allows you to get the lens further away from your body and capture more of what’s going on around you. Try the iStabilizer Monopod for just $34.95. It’s about 18 inches long, but extends to over three feet. Combine the selfie stick with the built-in timer on iPhone and you have a lean, mean, selfie-takin’ machine.

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Download the Facetune App

Facetune app

Download Facetune ($3.99 in the App Store) to remove blemishes, smooth skin, whiten teeth, reshape and much more. Facetune helps you look your best without a lot of effort.

Download Facetune in the App Store

Posting Straight to Instagram? Use the Square Option

Square mode on iPhone Camera

Instagram only lets you post square photos, so you might as well take make it square right from the get-go. Swipe to the left in the Camera app to go from Photo mode to Square mode. Take your selfie, add a filter, a few hashtags and post it.

Setup a Tripod

Tripod selfie

Another great way to take selfies is with a tripod. We recommend the Joby GorillaPod, which fits all iPhones and has adjustable, magnetic legs. Again, it works perfectly with the built-in timer in iOS 8. Pick one up for just $49.95 in our online store.

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Are you an avid selfie taker? What do you do to make sure your selfies are top-notch? Let us know in the comments below!