Data Recovery Service by CityMac

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Data Recovery

The Service Center at CityMac now offers Data Recovery for Mac, PC, iPhone and iPad! A successful recovery is when we recover desired data, or we recover at least 99% of the sectors on the drive. This excludes operating system and application files. There is no charge if we are not successful.

  • 99% of Sectors Recovered (No guarantee on applications or OS)
  • 7-10 day turn around time
  • 90% Success Rate
  • 40% Success Rate if hard drive has been dropped

Free Diagnostics

We understand you need to know as quickly as possible what is wrong with your drive and how much it will cost to get the data off of it without spending a ton of money. That is why we offer a free diagnosis that is completed within 3 days of receiving your drive.

Hard Drive Data Recovery – starting at $329.00

+ Plus Cost of New Drive *No charge if unsuccessful!

  • Failed
  • Dropped
  • Damaged
  • Internal
  • External

iOS Data Recovery – $149.00

*No charge if unsuccessful!

  • Broken Display
  • Not Recognized in iTunes
  • No Power