Should we use multiple Apple IDs for one family?

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Apple IDFor families there are distinct advantages to having multiple Apple IDs. It allows you to share the things you want to share such as Apps, songs purchased from the iTunes Store, Movies, etc, while not sharing the things that you don’t—like contacts, calendars, reminders and notes. This approach is really for those who live in the same household and want to share some things between their devices. 



FAQ: From the Sales Floor: iTunes Syncing and Updates

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itunes syncing

Frequently Asked Questions are blog posts dedicated to the questions that our sales and service departments get most often. One of the most common questions our salesmen get is dealing with iTunes. As Apple has introduced us with iCloud and syncing options this has become more and more of a complicated process, which is usually the case as we transition to the “new.”


On Windows, I used to...

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on windows i used toThere are certain tasks on your Windows computer that you've probably been doing for years. Switching to the Mac can be daunting at first, but I promise you, it's not as challenging as it looks. In this post we'll show you how to accomplish the same tasks on a Mac.


iCloud Demystified

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icloud demystified

What is this mysterious and scary 'iCloud' of which you speak? I thought you'd never ask. My goal with this article is to give you an overview of iCloud and hopefully shed some light on a few features you might not have been aware of. I realize I just ended that last sentence with a preposition. Forgive me, Grammar monsters!

So as I was saying, iCloud is a wonderful service that allows you to store your content and wirelessly sync it between all of your devices. For starters, you get 5GB of free storage for mail, documents, account information, settings, and app data. Need more? Just hit "Settings" on your device and you can sign up for more right there under "iCloud > Storage and Backup > Buy More Storage." 10GB will run you about $20/year at the time of this post.

Mac Pro: The Return of a Powerhouse

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The New Mac Pro


The Mac Pro has been on the center stage as the most powerful Apple Computer that you can buy. However, as announced in 2013, they did a drastic redesign of the entire computer-doing away with the internal hard drive bays and also the size and weight, they completely revolutionized the “tower” computer. 

Storing your Digital Life. RAID explained.

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RAID1 Mirroring
As many are finding out, digital storage and content is no longer a thing of the future. Our entire lives are written in zeros and ones and lovingly trusted to our computers. As far back as 2008, people had on average over $1,600 worth of digital content, with that number growing by 500% per year. Imagine losing all your data to a hard drive crash or a computer stolen. This is exactly what has happened to journalists, and even bigger companies like PIxar when they lost almost 90% of Toy Story 2 to someone accidentally deleting their hard drive. These things can be avoided by simply using backups in the correct way. Here are some different storage types, what they do, and what they can offer.

Apple’s M7 Motion Coprocessor

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M7 coprocessorYesterday, I was using the Maps app on my iPhone 5s to get directions while driving to a friend’s house. I parked my car a few blocks away and proceeded to walk the rest of the distance. To my surprise, Maps immediately switched from driving to walking directions as I walked away from my vehicle. How did my 5s know to do this? The answer lies in Apple’s new M7 motion chip. Pushing the limits of how “smart” a smartphone can be, the M7 chip is redefining how our daily movements are interpreted and analyzed by technology.

What is Apple TV?

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Apple TV

If you have ever heard your friends and family talking about streaming movies, you were probably interested in doing the same thing.  There are many ways to stream content. TheApple TV is an easy way to access your favorite content. 

The Apple TVhas several options to access content, the two main ones are through iTunes and Netflix.  With iTunes, you are able to either purchase your TV shows and Movies or access it through your purchases or other computers on your home network.


Moore’s Law & The iPhone 5S / The iPhone 5S vs the Rest

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iPhone 5S vs HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 phones side-by-side

I noticed the other day when reviewing the new iPhone 5S that it has somewhat underwhelming numbers on its tech specs sheet. Dual core in a world of quad core phones, only 1GB of Memory, still only a 1500mAh battery1. Compared to it's competitors, these numbers are not groundbreaking at first glance. What gives?

Apple’s Best Camera Yet – The iSight Camera of the iPhone 5s

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iPhone 5s iSight Camera

Staying true to Apple’s habit of making complex technology simple and intuitive, the new iSight Camera for the iPhone 5s is a powerful tool with a multitude of new features that makes it easy for any “point-and-shoot” photographer to take stunning, high-quality pictures and videos.

While the new iSight camera still shoots in 8 megapixels - the same size as the camera in the 4s and 5 - the iPhone 5s’s photos are much sharper and of higher quality. A 15% larger photo sensor in the new iSight Camera means that although the amount of pixels in each photo is the same as previous iPhone models, the pixels are larger and therefore capture more light for more vibrant images.