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How to Use Find My iPhone

Posted Jan 20, 2015 by  / 

How to Use Find My iPhoneWe have come to rely on our smartphones and devices for many important aspects of our lives. We store our memories on them in the form of pictures and videos. They contain our music libraries, banking apps, social network profiles, and oh yeah - our phone. That being said, losing your smartphone or device can leave you feeling naked and vulnerable. Luckily for Apple users, the Find My iPhone app is the first line of defense in recovering your lost device. 

AirPrint: How to Print from Your iPhone & iPad

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AirPrint: How to Print from Your iPhone & iPad

Here at CityMac, we regularly hear this from customers: "How do I print from my iPad or my iPhone?" Unfortunately, printing from an iOS device is not as straightforward as printing from a computer. You cannot plug a printer directly into your iPad or iPhone. Even if you have a wireless printer at home, you still may not be able to print to it from your mobile device. AirPrint is an Apple technology that allows you to print content directly from your iPhone or iPad in full-quality without having to download any drivers. 

"Yo" - The Simplest App in the World

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"Yo" - The Simplest App in the WorldSMS text messages have 160 character limits. Tweets are limited to 140. Snapchats are even less, plus they disappear after they are read. Apps couldn’t possibly limit communication more than popular messaging apps already have, right? Wrong. Yo is a new kind of messaging app that simply sends the word “Yo” to your friends.

That’s it - just yo.

Setting Up "Do Not Disturb" in iOS 7

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Do Not Disturb in iOS 7

Do Not Disturb is a feature in iOS that prevents your device from ringing, dinging, vibrating or waking you up. While enabled, you will still receive all of your notifications and still be able to view missed calls, but the screen will stay off and your device will remain silent until you disable the setting. Read more to find out how to set up Do Not Disturb on your iOS 7 device.

Utilizing Control Center in iOS 7

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How to Utilize Control Center in iOS 7

This past Fall, Apple released iOS 7 - their newest operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. IOS 7 included a radical user interface redeisgn that was the biggest change to Apple's mobile devices since the release of the iPhone. Along with the new design came a slew of new features, one of which I use everyday. It’s called Control Center.

What is The Retina Display?

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Retina Display

Some of you may very well be reading these words on a Retina display. If so it is likely that you were able to plainly see the superiority of this display immediately without having to pore over its technical specifications. However, there are some people who place more importance on analysis when assessing quality. For those of you who fall into this category I will attempt to provide a straightforward explanation of the Retina Display.