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AirPrint: How to Print from Your iPhone & iPad

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AirPrint: How to Print from Your iPhone & iPad

Here at CityMac, we regularly hear this from customers: "How do I print from my iPad or my iPhone?" Unfortunately, printing from an iOS device is not as straightforward as printing from a computer. You cannot plug a printer directly into your iPad or iPhone. Even if you have a wireless printer at home, you still may not be able to print to it from your mobile device. AirPrint is an Apple technology that allows you to print content directly from your iPhone or iPad in full-quality without having to download any drivers. 

Backing Up with iTunes & Upgrading Your iCloud

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iOS Backup Options

Earlier last month, we showed you how to set up an iCloud backup for your iPhone or iPad. However, if you are backing up multiple devices to iCloud and have the standard free 5 gb of iCloud storage, chances are that your iCloud is full or close to it. If this is the case, you may want to consider upgrading the storage on your iCloud account or backing up your devices through iTunes on your computer. Continue reading to find out how.

WWDC 2014 - Predictions

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WWDC 2014Apple’s WWDC - World Wide Developers Conference - is about to kick off on June 2nd.  Every year, Apple has sold tickets online and the event has been selling out in less time each year.  This year Apple did something completely different; Registered developers signed up online and where chosen at random to purchase tickets.  Very similar to a lottery.

Backing up iOS devices with iCloud

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iCloudiCloud is a tool we can use for anything when it comes to securing files. It can backup your contacts for transferring to a new iPhone. It can save all of your camera roll and downloaded pictures and videos to access them from any iOS device and your Mac. It can also make sure that every iOS device you own has the same list of email accounts, calendars, reminders, safari bookmarks and history, notes, passbook, keychain passwords, and iWork documents. It is also what makes Find My iPhone work.

What is The Retina Display?

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Retina Display

Some of you may very well be reading these words on a Retina display. If so it is likely that you were able to plainly see the superiority of this display immediately without having to pore over its technical specifications. However, there are some people who place more importance on analysis when assessing quality. For those of you who fall into this category I will attempt to provide a straightforward explanation of the Retina Display.