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How to Make Lockscreen Messages and Emails Private

Posted Jan 25, 2016 by  / 


Whenever you get an iMessage, Text Message, or Email on your iPhone, it shows up on the lockscreen with a preview of the message’s contents. This can be problematic if your phone is lying around unattended in a public place or someone else is temporarily using it - they will immediately be able to see exactly what was sent. Luckily, it’s fairly simple to hide message & email previews so that incoming notifications just show the name of the person sending it and nothing else.

Apple Announces New Music Memos App

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A new Apple-designed app called Music Memos has appeared in the app store Wednesday morning. Inspired by the built-in Voice Memos app, it allows musicians to record song ideas.

App Review: Waze ­ GPS, Maps & Social Traffic

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There are hundreds of GPS/Navigation apps for iPhone: Google Maps, Tom Tom, MotionX, MapQuest, and even the built­in Apple Maps app to name a few. But all of these apps do the same thing for the most part: They tell you how to get there, how long it usually takes, and occasionally provide traffic information.

Waze provides much more in­depth, real­time information on traffic, weather, and hazards that might affect your drive. It’ll alert you when there’s a traffic jam, road closure, or speed trap ahead and updates your ETA/change your route accordingly, which you can send directly to friends and family.

How to Use an iMac as a Display with Target Display Mode

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Using Target Display Mode on Mac

 If you have an iMac at home that doesn’t get much use anymore, you could always try using it as a monitor for another computer. Apple has built a technology called Target Display Mode into certain iMac models (see list of compatible models below) which allows them to be used as a monitor. Not sure which model you have? Use this tool to check.

Square Launches New Apple Pay Card Reader

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Square previews new apple pay card reader

In addition to introducing many new features and enhancements to Apple Pay at WWDC, Apple also showed off a brand new way for small business owners to accept Apple Pay via an NFC reader from the mobile payment giant Square. Square is well known for their inexpensive point-of-sale technologies and easy peer-to-peer payment app. The Square Apple Pay reader launched today.

App Review: FitMenCook

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App Review: FitMenCook

Whether you’re a bodybuilder or just an average Joe looking to eat a little healthier, FitMenCook is a great app for finding creative recipes. It’s all curated by food personality Kevin Curry, who adds new recipes frequently. Best of all, the app is gorgeous. The design team did an incredible job, both in form and function. The app currently has a perfect 5-star review on average, which is very rare for iOS apps.

5 Cool iPad Pro Features You Might Not Know About

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5 iPad Pro Features You May Not Know About

If you’ve seen commercials and articles about Apple’s new iPad Pro, you probably know a few key things about it. It’s a giant (and I mean enormous) iPad with a 12.9” Retina display. Apple made a cool new stylus for it called Apple Pencil and it’s clearly meant to compete with Microsoft Surface. Beyond that, iPad Pro has a few, lesser-known new features that truly make it shine.