How to Setup an Email Auto Responder in Apple Mail

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How to Setup Email Auto Responder in Apple Mail

Have you ever been out of the office or away from your email for a period of time and wanted an auto-responder to be sent directly back to people trying to contact you? It is actually fairly simple to setup a vacation or time away email auto-responder in Mail on OS X.

Configuring Messaging Services in Messages on OS X

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Messaging Services in OS XBuilt right into OS X is Messages - a messaging application which allows you to iMessage and communicate through other services. A lesser-known feature of Message is the ability to chat with other users on your local network. This can be very handy in a business environment, when users want to be able to chat with each other. Here, we will go through how to set local chat up, along with other messaging services in the Messages app.

2015 App Gift Guide

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2015 App Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. When thinking about gifts this holiday season, you might not have to think too hard about finding a small, but useful gift. Apps have become incredibly popular and for some, apps and gift cards make great small gifts. Here, we will showcase some of the most popular paid apps and instructions on how to gift them to your friends and family.

How to Gift an iTunes or Apple Store Gift Card

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How to Send Apple and iTunes Gift Cards

This holiday season, the gift of an Apple or iTunes Gift Card grants your loved one access to their favorite apps, songs, movies and more. You do not even have to go and buy a physical gift card anymore. Apple makes it easy to purchase gift cards online and have them sent directly to your recipient via email or snail mail.

2015 CityMac Gift Guide

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The CityMac 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, give your loved one a gift they will really enjoy. From the latest Apple products to audio accessories, cases, chargers and more - CityMac has you covered. Check out some of the awesome gifts we have available in our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide. 

Square Launches New Apple Pay Card Reader

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Square previews new apple pay card reader

In addition to introducing many new features and enhancements to Apple Pay at WWDC, Apple also showed off a brand new way for small business owners to accept Apple Pay via an NFC reader from the mobile payment giant Square. Square is well known for their inexpensive point-of-sale technologies and easy peer-to-peer payment app. The Square Apple Pay reader launched today.

5 Myths About Macs

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5 Mac Myths

Here at CityMac, we deal with tons and tons of Macs. We've noticed that there are a few, prominent myths that user's approach us with in regard to their Mac. Here are five of the most common Mac myths we deal with as well as the truth beneath them. 

How to Publish Content in the Apple News App

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How to Publish Content in the Apple News App

iOS 9 introduced the Apple News app to the world. Apple News is a built-in app that aggregates news, stories and articles from sources you are interested in into one, streamlined feed. If you are publisher, it is relatively easy to get your content into the News app. Here are the steps for publishing content in Apple News.

App Review: Duplicate Finder for OS X

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App Review: Duplicate Finder for Mac

Is your Mac almost out of space on the hard drive? Do you know if your hard drive is filled with duplicate files? If so, you are in luck.  Duplicate Finder, available on the Mac App Store, finds any duplicate files and allows you to free up space on your Mac by deleting the duplicated files.