How to Set Up Comcast Email Using IMAP

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If you are a user of Comcast’s email service, you might have noticed that your inbox does not sync up between devices. For example, you might open your Comcast email on your iPhone and delete a few emails, moving some into folders. Then, you open your Comcast email on your computer and notice that none of those changes have transferred over between devices. Don't worry, nothing is wrong with your account - this is just how Comcast emails work by default. The reason is because Comcast email uses POP and not an IMAP connection.

Turn Your iPad into an External Display with Duet

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Turn Your iPad into an External Monitor with Duet

The iPad is known for its versatility and ease-of-use. With other 600,000 apps specifically designed for iPad, Apple’s flagship tablet has numerous uses and functions. One function people may be unaware of is the ability to use an iPad as a monitor for your Mac. While there are multiple apps that use WiFi to turn your iPad into an external display, a new app called Duet offers a way for people to tether their iPad to a Mac using the charging cable for a fast, latency-free connection. 

Your Guide to Family Sharing

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Your Guide to Family Sharing

So, you and your family have decided to share an Apple ID in order to share purchases in the App Store and iTunes. Pretty sneaky! Everything is going fine until you power on your phone and start receiving your mother’s texts. Then, you open up the Photos app and notice that your Photo Stream has become an amalgamation of you entire family’s photos. As you might imagine, this can be a serious and potentially embarrassing situation. If this sounds familiar to you, you and your family should consider switching over to Apple’s Family Sharing, a new feature in iOS 8 that allows families to have separate Apple ID’s while still being able to share iTunes and App Store purchases.

2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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CityMac 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of year again. Here at CityMac, we are constantly surrounded by the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos. It can be almost overwhelming at times walking into a store like ours and being surrounded by so much cool stuff! To address this issue, we've honed-in on a few of our favorite products that would make for the perfect gift for your loved ones this Holiday season. 

What is Cellular Data and How Do I Manage It?

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What is Cellular Data and How Do I Manage It?

It’s the end of the month and you are paying your cell phone bill. You look at the balance and are shocked. Somehow, you went 5GB over your monthly allowance and are now facing a hefty overage fee. You know that cellular data has something to do with using the Internet on your smartphone, but you still have no idea how you racked up such an impressive amount of data. By understanding what cellular data is and what smartphone activities use it up, you can avoid situations such as this.

FingerKey: Touch ID For Your Mac

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FingerKey: Touch ID for Your MacWhen Touch ID was introduced last year alongside the release of the iPhone 5s, users rejoiced at the simplicity of unlocking their iPhone with a scan of their fingerprint. Some wondered whether Touch ID would ever find its way to the Mac product line. While Apple has already included the feature on the new iPads, whether or not Touch ID will be included with new Macs remains uncertain. Until then, the FingerKey app for iPhone is a good solution for those who wish to unlock their Macs with a simple scan of a finger.

App Review: Layton Brothers Mystery Room

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Chris reviews "Layton Bothers Mystery Room" - an iOS mystery detective game where you talk to witnesses and suspects, compile evidence and solve cases. 

Layton Brothers Mystery Room is free to download in the App Store. You recieve the first two cases in the series for free and the rest can be purchased as in-app purchases.

Download Layton Brothers Mystery Room for FREE in the App Store

Download Layton Brothers Mystery Room for iOS

An Introduction to Pages

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Pages, Apple's word processing software, is a very useful program that comes free on new Apple devices. Those familiar with Microsoft Word will find Pages very similar. Pages is fully-compatible with Microsoft Word, allowing you to export documents in word formats. In this video, we go over the Pages basics - including formatting, saving and basic navigation.

The Apple Magic Mouse

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The Apple Magic Mouse is more than just a mouse. It boasts a variety of different touch gestures which makes interacting with your Mac easy and fluid. Chris goes over the Magic Mouse and demonstrates how you can change the Magic Mouse settings and custom-tailor them to your preferences.

The Magic Mouse is $69 at CityMac.

How To Remove Adware From Your Mac

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How To Remove MacKeeper and Other Adware From Your Mac

Perhaps the most annoying aspect of the Internet is pop-up advertising. One moment, you’re perusing the web looking at pictures of cats and the next, you are bombarded by windows upon windows of ads. Most of us have experienced this at some point. Luckily, Mac users are blessed with the security of the OS X operating system, which protects them from most computer viruses. However, adware - software that is designed to target users with ads - can still affect Mac users. Here are some ways to avoid downloading adware on your Mac as well as solutions to eliminate them if your computer is affected.